About Elizabeth


Elizabeth is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the founder of Soulistic Nutrition.  She started Soulistic Nutrition as a platform to share ideas and connect individuals looking to better themselves holistically. 


Elizabeth has grown through her own physical struggles with dieting and body-shame, personal trauma, and immune issues that kept her in a cycle of sickness. One day she had a moment of panic that brought the world as she knew it crashing down; her body was talking, as was the Creator, and her life began on its path of healing.


Since then, she has been seeking knowledge about the deeper wisdom of life and wellness. Through her studies in Sociology, Yoga, and Nutrition, she has been drawn to assist others on their journeys. Elizabeth's work focuses on the individual, wading through the confusing information on health & wellness, and creating a patient, compassionate environment to form better habits and find nourishment from the inside out.


Food advocacy, sustainability, & social justice are integral components of Soulistic Nutrition as well, highlighting the interrelatedness  and ever-growing necessity of respect of self with respect of earth, God, & others. An avid-lover of food, culture, and the nuances of life, Elizabeth is always curiously seeking and exploring ways of being. She loves traveling and finding the connections that abound in the many planes of this world.



As a coach, she puts the power back in YOUR hands.

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